Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices & The Covenant of Grace, Thomas Brooks, hard cover

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recious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
''lest Satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices'' - 2 Cor. 2:11, this wise counselor displays before the eyes of your mind some 150 devices that Satan uses to defeat Christians. Anyone who is wise will pay close attention to the strategy laid out for the battle with the old Serpent. To know Satan’s devices is to defeat him and cause him to flee (James 4:7). Brooks not only digs deep into the Devil’s devices, but he does it in such a witty way that you will find him pinning truths to you so firmly that you will not easily forget them. The book is full of memorable statements, such as: ‘Solomon tells us to buy the truth, but he does not tell us what it costs. Yet we must get it, however costly it may be.’ – ‘You must know that every man cannot be excellent, yet he may be useful. An iron key may unlock the door of a golden treasure; yea, iron can do things gold cannot do!’ – ‘Temptations are only the soul’s trouble; they are not the soul’s sin.’ There is not a conscientious soul on earth that will not profit from this book!
The Covenant of Grace
''I will make an everlasting covenant with them'' (Jeremiah 32:40)
A covenant, Brooks says, consists of six things: (1) It supposes a division; (2) it is a mutual promise and binding between two distinct parties; (3) it must be a faithful dealing without dissembling; (4) It must be between chosen persons; (5) It must specify matters and conditions agreed upon by both; (6) It requires a well-ordering and composing between them. For the Covenants, he names Adam, Noah, Abraham, and the Jews at Mount Sinai.
There are but two basic covenants with God: The Covenant of Works, and, The Covenant of Grace. The first required the perfect keeping of the Law. The Covenant of Grace alone is everlasting. A thorough scriptural explanation of this covenant is given with references. It is an eternal covenant entered into by God when He elected His people. It, in its consummation made both parties holy. It required Christ to keep the Law, to propitiate the wrath of God, but it was eternally decreed.

Brooks (1608-1680) is the liveliest of the Puritans; he entertains as he teaches the deep things of God. His thorough knowledge of the Scriptures, coupled with his extensive learning, deals great help to his readers through his many books.   316 pages, blue hard cover


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